16HOLIDAYS coupon!

Its a school vacation. 16 days! I have to keep myself busy, as should you! You should decorate your house, do a spring cleansing ritual and treat yourself to something nice! Use the coupon 16HOLIDAYS at the checkout on my etsy and receive a sweet 16% discount on everything!

Its so nice to have a couple of days off.. I really needed this time away from work and school and people because all ive been having lately is time for myself especially since ive been home since december! You know what, i didnt need this vacation! Normally i do. Work as a teacher is a tough job because its very busy and emotional. You dont just teach, you engage with 30 lifes, 30 problems, 30 insanities every hour, 6 or 7 times per day and four days a week (for me at least). But now, I miss everyone. All those children. The ones that make my day beautiful just by being there and engaging with art. Even the ones that usually make me scream and cry. Corona had me homeschooling for a month now and even before that is was at home restoring from an illness since december so im done.

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My name is Eline Elsten, june ’89, from Breda, The Netherlands. Engaged with cute guy, I have a cat named Lemmy. And I dye my hair. A lot.

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